The Return of Apple Design Boss

Apple’s design team had long been commissioned by Jonathan Ive, until Ive finally given an executive position and no longer directly involved in the process of designing Apple products. But now Ive returned to that old position.

As long as Ive ‘up’, the old positions are occupied by Alan Dye and Richard Howarth. Both are directly responsible for Apple CEO Tim Cook. But now Ive been back, and took the old position of the two men.

For about two years ‘leaving’ Apple’s design division, Ive was doing the same thing. Namely Apple headquarters that looks like a spaceship, and now because the building has been completed, Ive again became Chief Design Officer Apple.

“With the completion of Apple Park, Apple’s design leader and his team are back in direct responsibility to Jony Ive, who will re-focus on design,” said Amy Bessette, an Apple spokesman, Saturday (9/12/2017).

Why did Ive look so deified in Apple? A number of products he designed, such as several series of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch became one of Apple’s best products.

Before becoming Apple’s design boss, Ive is the head of software design, precisely in 2012. At that time he replaced Scott Forstall who was fired by Cook because of problems with Apple Maps.

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